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We are always looking for people who are interested in helping adult learners build their foundational skills in:

  • Adult literacy
    Reading, Writing, Comprehension, Document use
  • Math and Numeracy
    Whole numbers, addition, subtraction, Multiplication, and division, Fractions and decimals
  • English Language Learning
    Speaking, Listening and Writing in English, Conversational English, English for the workplace
  • Basic Digital Skills
    Basic computer or smartphone operating systems, Electronic documents and electronic filing, Email, and Online forms

The CALP staff at NorQuest will support tutors, instructors and facilitators with training, professional development, and ongoing coaching and mentorship as required.

Paid and Volunteer positions are available.

How to become a CALP tutor, instructor or facilitator:

Step 1: Complete the online “Become a Tutor” form.

Step 2: CALP staff at NorQuest will arrange a time to meet with you.

We will talk about what your areas of interest and knowledge are, your availability, and your personal preferences for making a good match.

If we mutually agree that this opportunity is a good fit, and decide to move forward in the process, you may be asked to provide personal references.

Step 3: Orientation

The CALP at NorQuest will provide an orientation session with information about the Community Adult Learning Program at NorQuest College, our philosophies around adult foundational learning, mutual expectations and desired outcomes for you and the CALP program.

Step 4: Training and Support

The CALP staff will work with you to create your own training plan, to set you up for success in your role as a tutor. This may include self-study, online learning or participation in one or more of the many professional learning opportunities made available through the provincial CALP system.

Step 5: Making a Match

Based on your strengths, goals and interests, the CALP staff at NorQuest will match you will an individual adult learner or a small group for tutoring in one or more subject areas. We may also decide that you are best suited to teach a course or facilitate learning opportunities online or in a classroom setting.

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We are always looking for people who are interested in helping adult learners   

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